The WB2045 Podcast Network is a growing network run by aspiring writers (one of our hosts (Kristen) is a freelance writer for XOJane while the remaining two (Will & Bobby) have recently pitched two comedy shows to NBC!

Our primary show, the one that I'd certainly like you to check out (if you'll only check out one of the three) is Will and Bobby Know Everything. We started WBKE nearly 3 years ago. It's a comedy show about us, our lives, our friendship, and about trying to create something: be it a TV show, a comic book, etc.

A good starting point for WBKE would definitely be Episode 93: Well...Cats where we talk about the Broadway musical Cats. Mostly how absolutely insane it is, and the fact that it's like all of America was taking some sort of hallucinogenic drug that allowed this thing to run as long as it did. If you find the first 8 minutes or so boring, you're right, but this is some of the funniest weirdest stuff we've ever done:

WBKE 93: Well...Cats:…

We're also on iTunes here:

We've recently been featuring a new podcast produced exclusively by Bobby called DarkFuture, which is essentially a combination of Welcome to Night Vale and This American Life. Presented similarly to The Twilight Zone, DarkFuture is a radio play comedy show featuring the sort of stories only Bobby can come up with. Campers sit around a fire telling scary stories, but they're all the scary stories about videogames found online. An angel is sent to earth to answer one question for every single person. And he's rapidly losing his patience. DarkFuture is a strange, hilarious blast!

DarkFuture: Murray's Big Adventure:…

And DarkFuture is also on iTunes:

We started a second show about two years ago. Studio Rejects is a movie podcast where we read, act out, and critique scripts for famous movies. The twist is that we only read unfinished drafts or scripts that were never produced. For example we read a draft of Prometheus before Damon Lindelof (of Lost fame) came in and removed the classic Aliens in favor of new monsters. It's essentially an exploration of franchises and writing techniques, with horrible impressions and worse acting. We're currently reading a fan script of Saw 8, which has so far been a total catastrophe!

Saw 8 Part 1:…

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Our third and final show (for now) is Book Club Shmook Club which I (Will) host with my sister Kristen. On BCSC we read books, discuss them, analyze them, and inevitably make fun of them. We've been doing the show for just about a year now, and the show is very quickly getting attention for being a hilarious, ALMOST intelligent podcast. Of course we inject the show with as much humor as we can, but I will say that I firmly believe we bring a new interesting perspective to beloved books.


That show that best represents BCSC is all about Psycho, the book on which the movie is based:…

And on iTunes:

I hope you were interested in a challenge, and I hope you enjoy the shows. If you do indeed feature any of our shows, I'd love it if you would point your listeners to and to us on Twitter: @WillRogers2000 @BobbyKoester and @KrissyPajamas.


Thank you so much for your time, it's incredibly nice of you to feature indie podcasts like this!